Our mission is to provide quality and comprehensive legal representation to our clients on a professional, efficient and cost effective basis utilising the best in modern technology.

We realise that we live in a competitive business environment where commerce and trade are constantly evolving, consequently businessmen, government and non – government organisations are constantly faced with certain challenges: the need to control cost and remain competitive, a search for new markets and the means to handle endless amount of information with care and precision, added to a rise in sophistication in modern enterprises and an increasingly costly legal industry. Therefore a firm with increased sensitivity, good negotiating skills, and an ability to bring useful resources to bear quickly at any time and place is required; this is where we come in.

The Rock and Partners is a firm composed of young, aggressive barristers and solicitors able to provide comprehensive and first class legal services to solve the daily challenges faced by businesses at an individual, corporate or governmental level.

We pride ourselves as being a full service legal practice where the needs of our clients are fully met. This essentially means that we offer our clients continuity of service by being involved in the initial drafting of commercial contracts, advising on the terms to prevent future disputes and where they arise, seek remedies by instituting appropriate legal proceedings. Our aim is to prevent litigation because we realise that litigation could result in a loss of business for our clients, we therefore attempt to resolve disputes in the first instance amicably through negotiations and alternative dispute resolution and where this fails, resort would be had to litigation.          

An important service offered by us is the co-ordination and management of legal matters worldwide in conjunction with our network of correspondents.


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