The Rock and Partners has a strong focus on global carbon, renewable and clean energy practice with a significant amount of experience in climate law and policy. Almost everybody now agrees that the earth is warming to an abnormal degree due to the accumulation of gaseous emissions in the atmosphere resulting from human activities. As climate change becomes more topical and with the coming into force of the first phase of the Kyoto Protocol and the Bali post 2012 talks, we realise that it is necessary for companies to devise comprehensive and innovative solutions to respond to the new challenges posed by climate change. The firm therefore advises its clients on the in depth complexity of the legal and business issues surrounding the legal obligations arising from climate change and benefits to be derived from developing cleanly. Our environment team understands the impact that energy and carbon pricing will have on our clients’ businesses and the importance of incorporating climate change risks into their decision making.

As the competition for carbon projects and deals increases, the firm has solicitors who have considerable amount of experience in advising clients in relation to efficient structuring, taxation, transfer pricing planning, drafting and preparing standard form documentation like Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPAS) amongst others and operation of carbon related projects. Solicitors in the environmental unit of the firm have completed courses on Green House Gas (GHG) Accounting principles and are able to advise generally on baseline methodologies and GHG accounting. The firm works with correspondent globally to ensure that all cross border, local laws and regulatory compliance are adequately addressed.


The CDM is one of the flexible mechanisms created under the Kyoto Protocol, which allows industrialised countries to set up or finance emission reduction projects in developing countries and claim the Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) resulting from such projects to offset their carbon footprint. The firm is strategically positioned to advise project developers, sponsors and purchasers of CERs of the regulatory framework for CDM projects in Nigeria. Through our consultants, we are able to advise on structuring projects from the Project Idea Note, through the Project Design Document and to the obtention of relevant Letter of Approval from the DNA.

Members of the Environmental law unit of the firm have authored many articles including the following:

  • Optimising the burden of gas flaring through CDM projects;
  • Ownership of carbon credits in CDM projects in Nigeria;
  • Domesticating the Kyoto Protocol

The firm’s clients consist of oil and gas companies, banks and financial institutions and multi – lateral government agencies, amongst others.


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