1. An Overview of the Local Content Policy in Nigeria
2 Arrest of a Vessel for the Purpose of Obtaining Security in Foreign Arbitration
3 Acceptability of Club Letters in Nigeria
4 The Legal Framework for Undertaking Business in Nigeria
5 The Financing Aspects of the Acquisition of FPSOs
6 Ship Agents Liability for Cargo Claims Under Nigerian Law
7 Pilotage in Nigeria- a consideration of potential liabilities of ship owners
8 Is The Clean Development Mechanism An Option In Nigeria’s Quest To Eliminate Gas Flaring?
9 Legal Issues in Financing of the Acquisition of FPSOs
10 Developing a Sustainable LocalContent Policy
11 Arrest Alerts
12 Cabotage the Nigerian Perspective
13 Acqusition of FPSO Vessels in Nigeria
14 The Financing Aspects of the acqusition of FPSOs- a legal perspective
15 Tax Issues in Nigerian FPSO Contracts
16 Safety Regime for FPSOs and FSUs in Nigeria
17 Passing of Tittle and Risk in Construction Contracts - Spotlight on FPSO Contracts
18 Nigerian Local Content Policy
19 Focus on the Nigerian FPSO Market
20 Current Issues and Existing Opportunities- Law Society Trade Mission



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